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Best Ways to Seduce a Man & Make Him Crazy for You

Do you know that you can use eyes and smiles only to seduce a man and drive him crazy? Well, this is just one of the many ways a woman can seduce a man. Basically, seducing a man is not something difficult for a woman. With a ravishing sexy look, personal development and trust, you can have your dream man on your laps in no time.

Here are unbeatable ways to seduce a man and make him crazy for you:

Use Your Eyes

Eyes can tell a man how you are currently feeling about him. In fact, a woman’s eyes are a great weapon for winning a seduction war. You have most likely noticed how some people make long eye contacts in crowded spaces and eventually end up meeting and exchanging contacts. Eye contacts show that people have interest for each other.

Practice Different Smiles

There are different kinds of smiles. For instance, there are smiles that you don’t want to make when looking at some people because they can send the wrong signal. But, when you want to seduce a man, you know that you can use a smile that tells him what you want. Leverage different smiles and eye expressions to seduce your dream man.

Use Body Language

When it comes to sexy confidence, body language plays a very important role. Using body language properly is a sure way for a hot ladies to seduce a man. Consider body positioning when talking to the man you want to seduce. For instance, lean in with arms propped on a table when interested in a man. You can also use your hips to tell a man that you are interested in him.

Use the Power of a Touch

Touching a man more often works well with the right body language. When you keep touching a man in a sexy manner, he will also be interested in touching you. Touch can remind a man of sex. Touching a man nicely and more often tells him, I want you.

Send Him Seductive Texts

All seduction doesn’t have to happen in person. Men can be fascinated with seductive texts. But, don’t be blatantly sexual when sending texts. Instead, use innuendos that make a man think sexy without necessarily pushing for it. Make sure that your texts leave blanks for the man to fill in.

One reason why some men have always hired female escorts is their ability to seduce them. But, the most important thing is to be authentic and display sexy confident. Be genuine and don’t shy away from using your body, mind and soul to seduce a man.

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