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Best Sex Positions for Virgins


This is a basic sex position that allows for easy vaginal penetration. It enables sex partners to maintain a natural eye contact and intimacy, which are great sex components. When you use this position when having sex for the first time, you feel connected and comfortable. The man is in control and the woman communicates her feelings with ease.

Backdoor Planking

This can sound like sort of a yoga position. However, it’s a great sex position for virgins. Backdoor planking is simply a modified doggy style. It provides great sensation for having sex from behind. This sex position gives a deeper cervical penetration. The woman lies on the bed on her stomach with pillows under the pelvis. The man straddles the woman’s legs to maintain a close position to the rear entry of the vagina. The woman can comfortably lie on the bed while the man accesses the vagina with ease. Thrusting depth should be increased slowly as the woman gets accustomed.


This sex position allows for a deeper connection and intimacy. It makes sex partners feel closer to one another. It’s a great sex position for virgins especially when one of the partners feels nervous. This position allows for shallow penetration and stimulating the breasts and the clitoris is easy.

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